Event Lighting Basics – What You Need to Know

event lightingThere’s much more to event lighting than just providing illumination, as any lighting technician knows.  Providing the right ambiance is more than just black and white, the right lighting for your show depends upon the type of event and your budget and can set the right mood for the entire show.

If you’re hosting a live band or a musical performance, you’ll want as many lights as you can get to give your AV technician options.  A bigger lighting package can give opportunities to add excitement and drama, highlight key moments with spotlights or tone it down when necessary.  A more subdued educational or keynote speaker corporate event can oftentimes get by with a simple lighting package and a smaller lighting budget. 

Some corporate events can get by with ‘set-it and forget-it’ lighting, while others benefit from controlling the lights during the event.  Whatever your theme, exciting or educational, talking with an experienced sound and lighting specialist will give you the most information and options to meet your presentation and budgetary goals.

Production Plus Offers AV Sound and Lighting Solutions

Production Plus is a full service event production company, based in Chicago, offering experienced AV services from skilled technicians.  We excel with creative and innovative sound and lighting solutions, providing the perfect ambiance for a dazzling performance or captivating storytelling.  Our audio visual technicians are skilled in combining experience with the latest AV event tech and equipment including:

  • Video screens
  • Recording equipment
  • Mixing boards
  • Lighting equipment
  • Speakers
  • Rigging
  • Presentation and projection systems 

Production Plus is an event production company with experience in delivering the fantastic and unexpected.  We tell your story through innovative stage design and AV services which captivate your audience.  Contact us to learn more about creating the perfect ambiance and connecting with your audience through professional audio visual services.