Event Audio Visual: Avoid Simple Mistakes

event audio visualEvent Audiovisual services are definitely one of the most important factors to consider for a successful event. AV services that are well planned out and meet the needs of your entire audience will enhance your event by getting your message out loud and clear. AV services that are not well planned out, however, can create a total disaster and quickly ruin any event. If projectors quit working or your audience cannot hear you well, all of your hard work will be for nothing as your entire event productions will come to a screeching halt.

By planning ahead and partnering with an experienced AV production company, you can avoid simple mistakes. Some of the most common mistakes we find with audiovisual services occur when companies:

  • Cut costs with AV technology
  • Don’t plan for backup equipment
  • Don’t account for proper setup or tear down time
  • Find formatting mistakes when it’s too late

Don’t Cut Costs with AV Services

Event planning professionals have a budget to stick to but that doesn’t mean you need to decide where to cut AV costs. Talk to your event production company about your budget goals and let the AV technical team help you determine where you can save costs and still meet your needs.  They have a working knowledge of the technical requirements to make sure everyone can see and hear your presentation. Trying to cut costs with AV services without understanding how it will affect your message is a common mistake.

Plan Ahead with Backup Equipment

If you’ve ever been to a presentation where a projector goes down our audio goes out, you realize this is the time where you lose your audience. Talk to your AV company about critical components and their backup plan in case something should fail. It’s always a good idea to have backup computers, projectors and microphones on hand just in case.

Plan for Appropriate Setup and Tear down Time

Setting up proper audiovisual components might take more time than you realize. Don’t make the mistake of misjudging the time it takes to start setting up of all audiovisual requirements.  It is not uncommon for a professional AV company to meet the day before to set up our television screens, lights, projectors, speakers and computer equipment. Make sure you talk with your AV specialists and allocate for adequate set up time of all equipment. 

Coordinate Presentation Formats

Be sure to coordinate all AV presentations for the right format and aspect ratio.  If your key speaker brings a presentation in an outdated aspect ratio, for example, you may have a situation where it is not compatible with the widescreen you have set up.  This could cause their presentation to not display correctly and leave the audience unable to view it or read it. 

There is also a big difference between programs designed on Apple’s MacBooks versus PCs and some files may not even be able to be opened or used at all. This would be a huge fail that can be avoided by simply communicating with your AV company at a time. Take some extra precautions and be sure to ask about aspect ratios and file formats long before the big day.

Avoid making these common mistakes by communicating with your AV services company far ahead of time. 

Production Plus offers high-tech AV solutions to meet the needs of any live and corporate event.  We partner with you from the beginning to take your event in concept to reality with meticulous planning contact us to learn more about our comprehensive event services and proven AV event solutions.