Creative Ways to Use Lighting to Enhance Your Event

creative event lightingNever underestimate the effect that lighting has on your event.  The proper lighting will do more than dim or brighten on que, event lighting technology when used correctly will set the entire tone of the event.  Lighting is a great motivator when used in conjunction with the right music, it can highlight your key speaker or elements in your presentation and will even hush a large crowd when dimmed for a presentation.

Using the right lighting to accent the stage or areas of your event will set the tone and entire atmosphere for the whole show. Here are just a few ways to use lighting with creativity to enhance your event.

Use a Gobo for Custom Lighting

A Gobo is a physical template or stencil that is placed over a light source, to block the light and project a design or pattern onto walls, ceilings or floors.  The term Gobo is derived from lighting professionals describing the temple which “goes before optics” or “goes between optics”, according to Wikipedia.  This is highly effective and inexpensive way to illuminate your logo for high visibility with no setup or cleanup required.  It’s also a great way to cast a beautiful pattern across the room like leaves across the floor. 

Whatever you’d like to display, looking into doing it with lighting and a Gobo could be a fantastic option that gives you everything you’re looking for.

Pin Lighting for Drama and Effect

Putting a spotlight on focal points such as table centerpieces or stage elements can have a pleasing yet dramatic effect.  Pin lighting will draw the eyes to elements of décor to make them pop and provide lighting for better viewing on dark tables.

Perimeter Lighting

Lighting up the perimeter is a fantastic way to create a whole new atmosphere at your event.  Uplighting with pleasing perimeter lights in soft colors can add a whole new dimension to bland ballrooms and conference rooms.  Lighting up a room with perimeter lighting can give the ambiance you want while adding character to a room.

Add a Light Show

Designing a light show specifically for your event is a great way to build excitement before a big announcement or keep the high energy flowing.  Just be sure that the constant movement and flashes of a light show do not distract from your intended message.  A custom designed light show will build excitement when you want it and subdue the crowd for important announcements.  A well designed light show can provide a memorable attendee experience with positive, high energy.

Lighting is an important aspect of any live event and can literally make or break a show.  The right lighting well set the mood, the ambiance and guide the focus and energy of the entire room.  Work with an experienced lighting technician to know your options and design the light show custom fit for your event.

Production Plus offers experienced lighting technicians as part of our professional audio visual and complete event production services.  We understand the impact that lighting has on your attendee’s experience and your message delivery.  Contact us to learn more about guiding your event in the right direction with superb lighting options for your next event.