Audio Visual Event Disasters and How to Avoid

audio visual eventTop notch audio visual services can be the key factor in live event success.  On the contrary, Audio Video Event fails can quickly send your event into a tailspin and ruin even the best laid out message.  Successful AV implementation can make your event with easy to see visuals on large enough screens, easily heard audio with speakers and acoustics designed for the crowd and venue, making for a seamless event with all attendees engaged to your message. 

Poor AV planning will be quickly evident, however, and leave your audience squinting to read displays that are too small or straining to hear audio, or they may just leave your event altogether.  Be sure to plan for successful AV implementation and avoid the following common AV disasters.

1)  Incorrect Presentation Formats

This is a common AV mistake which can cause big disasters for any live event presentation.  Coordination between your presenter and AV team is critical to avoid any incorrect file formatting issues which leave you in a panic right before the big show.  If your keynote speaker designed a presentation in what is now considered an outdated aspect ratio of 4:3, while your AV team is using cutting edge technology and triple wide screens, the presentation will fail miserably with visual space and will be very difficult to read.  Be sure that all are on the same operating system with Mac vs. PC, and that all presentations are compatible with your equipment. 

Communication with your speakers and AV team is important to plan ahead for an engaging presentation.  Ask about the aspect ratios and formats that your content should be created in. This is one big AV disaster that can easily be prevented so that everyone can clearly see and hear your presentation. 

2)  Not Planning for Adequate WiFi

It seems like everywhere we go, whether at the grocery store, at work, out to dinner or at a live event – we want and need WiFi.  This is even more important at a large live or corporate event where your audience may want to look up company information or use a custom app you’ve developed.  Making sure that your venue provides the adequate WiFi capabilities is important and simple to do with proper planning.

Some venues may offer free WiFi, but before you assume this is the answer to your situation, dig deeper in finding out the bandwidth and how many people or attached devices it can support at one time.  If the WiFi offered doesn’t meet your needs you may negotiate the use of a third party supplier to tailor your WiFi to meet your needs.  Talk with your AV provider about the WiFi needs of your equipment and what’s needed to support your crowd.

3)  Cutting Costs with AV

AV services can be one of the costlier items on your event budget list, although is one of the most important aspects as poor audio visual services will quickly ruin any event.  Talk with your AV provider about your budget concerns and how to lower the cost and still receive the same effect.  Audio Visual technicians may have some suggestions on how to accomplish your goals with alternative equipment if available to have the same effect and message delivery without affecting your vision. 

4)  Not Communicating Event Changes

Changes to your event such as scheduling of speakers or sessions, locations or staging can be a big surprise to your AV team if they were not given early warning.  Changing AV equipment to accommodate last minute changes can be costly or not even possible which will affect your budget and the quality of your presentation.  Communicating with your AV team on any changes to your presentation is crucial for successful AV services.  Consider your AV team as your partner and you’ll reap the benefits of stellar sound and audio solutions.

5) Don’t Forget about Rigging Points

You should work closely with your AV team on the vision for your event and where you would like to see projectors and speakers.  Heavy equipment must be suspended from the proper rigging points of the ceiling and your AV team is trained in how to properly set up and manage hanging equipment for safety and effectiveness.  Talk with your venue coordinator and your AV team about rigging points and be sure that everyone is on the same page with where equipment is to be hung, weight loads and any extra fees involved.

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