5 Most Commonly Overlooked Event Planning Details

event planning details check list

With all the things and various components that must go into successful event planning, it’s nearly impossible to not miss something. Producing a successful live or corporate event requires attention to every last detail. Follow these tips  from the most experienced event production companies so you don’t miss the little event planning details.

Avoid some of the most common mistakes that can ruin an event.

1)  Promote Your Event

While this seems like common logic, event planners can get caught up in so many details that they forget to promote the event properly. It is critical to begin promoting your event far ahead of time to give attendees plenty of time to plan and adjust their schedules. Keep your invited guest interested with catchy promotional videos, social media tools or early registration discounts.  Continue to keep your attendees interested with reminders and sneak peaks of your presentation. 

2)  Send Reminders to All Involved

While it is important to promote your event, don’t forget about everyone involved that is going to make it happen.  Keep your attendees interested with regular reminders and also stay in touch with your vendors, presenters and sponsors. Reminding everyone of the schedule and their duties related to their level of involvement is mandatory for flawless event execution.

3)  Don’t Forget about Alcohol Licensing Requirements

It is very important to know the alcohol licensing laws in the state of your venue, far ahead of your event date.  In some states it may take several weeks to obtain an alcohol license for your event location. Wikipedia provides a list of all alcohol beverage control states here. 

4)  Wi-Fi Accessibility

Be sure that you know the Wi-Fi accommodations for your venue, that you know all the passwords and who to contact in case of an Internet outage. Post Wi-Fi instructions for your attendees to easily see and access as most people today need to stay in contact with work and home through email or other apps which require Wi-Fi access.

5) Stay in Communication with Your Speakers

Be sure to stay in constant communication with your speakers and consider automated messaging systems such as a portal event website. Speakers can upload their speeches ahead of time and any informative brochures they wish to share.  This gives the event planning professionals time to review the material and make sure everything is on track for the right delivery of their message. 

This is a short list of some of the most common mistakes even seasoned event planners can make. Working with an experienced event production company will help to alleviate the burden of many details related to logistics and event production while staying mindful of the tedious details that make a difference. Production Plus offers full service event production services from the planning phase throughout the production and post event services. 

Production Plus handles all logistics, event staging, scenic constructions, audiovisual services, rental equipment, cleanup and return of items.  We even offer custom app development from knowledgeable developers who live for tech. Contact us to make sure your next event goes off without a hitch with every last event detail covered.

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