3 Inexpensive Ways to Advertise An Event

inexpensive ways to advertise an event

Corporate events can be costly, although many marketing experts will tell you that hosting an event can be the most effective marketing channel.  Some corporations can spend up to 25% of their annual marketing budget on event planning. Not to worry, if your company cannot afford to allocate this much towards producing corporate events there are some inexpensive ways to promote and advertise for an event.

The benefits of event marketing are clear.  It is critical to advertise your event to raise awareness.  Whether you are launching a new product, hosting a corporate training session are throwing a big bash with live music, you want to remind your audience about the event and the importance of the purpose.  The more advertising that you do, the more you stay in touch with your audience which improves networking as well as lead generation. This all leads to an increase in customer loyalty and revenue.

Here are a few of the most effective and inexpensive marketing tactics to advertise an upcoming corporate event.

1)  Social Media

Social media is one extremely effective and very inexpensive ways to advertise an event regardless of your product or industry. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter provide the ability to reach thousands of people instantly and is a great way to keep your name in front of your target audience.  Social media is even more effective if you already have a solid fan base.

2)  Email Marketing

Reliable email marketing tools are very inexpensive ways to advertise an event and easy to manage as well.  Some marketing professionals believe that email marketing is the most effective way to promote and advertise an event.  Nearly everyone in the world uses email for either professional or personal communication, which makes it very easy to send your message to a targeted list and monitor the feedback.  

Be sure to use a concise and attractive subject line with a clear call to action in your message.  Make sure that your message includes all event details such as the location, the date and time, directions and an easy link for registration. 

3) Provide Incentives for Early Registration

Everyone loves to save money or win free items.  Grab the attention of your attendees with incentives for early registration.  Give away items do not need to be expensive, you can entice someone to sign up early by offering small items such as USB flash drives, T-shirts, gift cards or coupons.  Make sure that your registered guests actually show up to your event by handing out the free items on site, during the event. This is a simple, efficient and effective incentive program that is also inexpensive and easy to maintain.

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