2020 Event Trends


With another year nearing the end, it’s hard to believe that we are saying goodbye to 2019 and welcoming a new year and a new decade.  2020 is right around the corner and you might be wondering what the industry is gearing up for with the latest 2020 event trends. The following are the most popular event production trends to keep up with the times and plan events that attract and engage your attendees while providing maximum event ROI.

Here are some of the latest 2020 event trends from event professionals around the globe:

  • Personalization for Attendees
  • Sustainability
  • Security
  • Unique Venues
  • Diversity

Personalization for Attendees

Personalization is one of the biggest event trends for 2020, contributing to a better experience for attendees which makes for a more successful live event all around. Attendees feel like they get more value when their unique needs are met, no matter where they are in their journey.

Customized breakout sessions are a great way to give your audience exactly what they’re looking for with a choice in designing their own agenda. One of the biggest reasons people attend live and corporate events is for networking. By giving attendees a choice with tailored breakout sessions, they have the opportunity to design their own learning and networking experience.

Personalization is also a nice way to keep in touch with your audience after the event is over. By connecting through email and social media during your event, your attendees can follow you for a long lasting relationship. Companies can design specials based around consumers’ buying history, receive customized discounts and announcements of new products.

Providing a personal experience for your audience is beneficial to all attendees as well as the event planner, by providing an engaging, successful event for all. Personalization is one of the biggest event trends we see in 2020.


There has been a lot of talk about sustainability and we see this as a continued focus in 2020.  Sustainability must be a consideration when designing your event, it cannot be an afterthought. Corporate and live events generate a lot of waste and event planners must take responsibility for the impact their events leave on the environment.  There are many ways to produce an environmentally friendly event.

Event planners should consider using recycled materials in their event design and may ban the use of single-use plastics such as straws and eating utensils. Ask your attendees to take the plastic pledge with you and be a driving force of change to reduce plastic pollution.  You could provide dishes and silverware that get washed after the event, while offering more plant-based food choices. There are many ways to provide a more environmentally friendly event while educating your audience on the importance of sustainability.

Event Security

As an event planner, security needs to be a top concern when planning and designing any live event. The focus on security is continuing as a top priority and event trend for 2020.  It is every event professional’s responsibility to provide a safe and secure event with emergency plans in place. This includes on-site security, cyber security as well as crisis communications such as mass notification systems. Be sure that you know the emergency plans and evacuation procedures for your venue as well as how to contact the head of security should any issues arise.

Technologies such as custom event apps provide an opportunity to communicate with your attendees by providing things like evacuation procedures and maps showing fire exits. You can even provide a method of reporting suspicious activity or any potential threats. 

Cyber security must also be a top concern for event planners. Never underestimate the potential for a hacking and event registration information holds a host of information and personal data. It is your responsibility to protect this information for your attendees as well as protect your own company’s network. Make sure that your data is encrypted and that you have multi-level passwords for authentication.

Provide a Unique Venue Experience

One of the biggest event trends for 2020 is to move away from the standard conference rooms in hotels and provide a more unique venue experience. Choosing a venue that is unique and incorporates some of the local history, art and culture gives your attendees a whole new experience. People like to see new places and learn new things and are more likely to attend an event that gives them excitement and a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Focus on Inclusion and Diversity

Another important event trend for 2020 is to focus on inclusion, making sure everyone feels important and everyone’s needs are met while recognizing a diverse group.  Make sure you understand the demographics of your audience beyond race and ethnicity and consider age, language, gender, religion, physical and technical ability.  You can show an appreciation for a diverse group through menu options, physical accommodations, speaker presentations, language and more. Event planners everywhere are focused on creating an event which is inclusive to everyone.

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