2019 Guide to Planning a Corporate Event

corporate event planningPlanning a corporate event is the predominant way that companies remain active in their industry and foster long term relationships with employees and consumers. Whether announcing a new product launch, conducting employee group training sessions or networking with industry professionals, corporate events provide a means of catering your message to a targeted audience.  It is critical to relay your message and connect with your audience in a personal way to build brand recognition and loyalty.

Companies need to adapt to consumer demands and implement innovative ways to connect with their audience or they will not survive.  Technology provides many opportunities to enhance relationships with employees and consumers through email, corporate message boards, custom apps, and social media.  But it takes much more than sending emails and posting tweets to build lasting, meaningful relationships.

That’s why it is critical to follow a detailed and organized plan to connect with your audience through an interesting and fun event.  Planning successful corporate events takes months of planning and knowledge of where to focus your time, energy and money. Consider the following tips when planning your corporate event for success:

  1. Understand your audience
  2. Set the budget
  3. Determine the location
  4. Understand the purpose
  5. Promote your event
  6. Network during and after
  7. Reconcile the budget


1. Understand Your Audience

It is important to understand your audience to implement the most appropriate method of delivery for your message.  Knowing how to communicate to your audience depends upon some basic demographics as well as the number of guests expected to be in attendance.  It is important to determine the number of guests to develop the most appropriate audio and visual solutions so that everyone is involved and can participate.

It is also important to treat your audience with the respect they deserve, through comfortable seating, easily accessible information and refreshments.  

2. Set the Budget

It is important to set the budget early and plan out where you will invest your money to avoid costly mistakes later.   Speaking with a professional event production company will help you to understand all the elements involved so that nothing is left to chance.  You’ll want to be sure to budget for:

Skilled audio-visual services – it is imperative that your audience clearly understand your message.  If they cannot hear and see your message whether on a live stage or with multiple oversized screens and speakers, you’ll miss the most important opportunity to connect with and engage your audience

Scenic constructions – oversized banners which tout your logo, custom built scenic displays, automation and visual effects go a long way to grab the attention of your audience

Custom apps –  apps provide your audience with quick access to important information while virtual or augmented reality apps create fun and memorable activities  

Exhibit fabrications – keep your audience interested as the walk through engaging exhibits

Total event staging and planning – plan your stage, speaking area, seating capacity and all breakout sessions to accommodate your audience

Logistics – making sure that all of these elements come together with perfect execution is critical to a successful event.  Event production companies make life easier for event planners by ensuring that these elements and many others such as staging assembly, tear-down, clean up and labor required  for a smooth operation all come together at once.

It is worthwhile to speak with a professional event planning company as they can provide significant assistance in budget development while ensuring that everything is covered, leaving nothing to chance.

3. Determine the Location

Location, location, location.  Location is the key to meeting attendance goals.  Be sure to book a venue which is easily accessible and provides the atmosphere where your guests will feel comfortable.  Don’t turn down a venue because it may not have the right décor without speaking to an event production company that can re-brand the venue to meet your goals.

Experienced corporate event production companies can drastically alter the appearance of venues with custom developed scenic constructions and exhibition design and fabrication services.  Better yet, they may offer venues they are experienced with or help to find the best solution.

4. Understand the Purpose of Your Event

Understanding the purpose of your event is critical to deliver the right message to your targeted audience. Understanding your audience is important to know how to connect with your attendees in ways that will resonate with them.   Guest speakers and industry professionals can make your event more interesting and increase the credibility of an organization.

5.Promote Your Event

Promote your event consistently prior to your go live date, through avenues which connect with your audience.  For example, if the bulk of your attendees are Gen Y Millennials, then social media such as twitter or Instagram may catch their attention, or for Gen Xers currently between age 39 to 53, Facebook might reach more people.  Cover all your bases and promote your event through all applicable social media avenues as well as internal communications with employees or public announcements.

Be sure to advertise the fun aspect of your event such as creative apps, live speakers or performers and the topic of interesting break out sessions.  Utilizing eye catching art work and images helps to grab someone’s attention and stay in their memory bank.

6.Network During and After

Networking with your audience and colleagues during the event and post event follow up is important to achieve the desired results.  When planning a corporate event, be sure to offer frequent breaks in between activities to allow for networking and increased comfort of your guests.  Creating and nurturing relationships requires effort. Investing in things like smart badges and online resources goes a long way in staying connected with your audience post event.

7. Reconcile Budget

Knowing exactly what you spent to produce the entire event is critical to the success of future events.  Corporate events provide the means to stay connected with your employees and consumers while increasing brand awareness.   Allocating funds for these fun and informative events is critical to corporate sustainability.

Production Plus Offers Comprehensive Corporate Event Production Services

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