Ways to Boost Attendance with Event Technology


Event planners are always concerned with meeting their attendance goals and overall event objectives. Meeting your attendance goals is half the battle, making sure that your audience is engaged in your presentation and leaves feeling satisfied and fulfilled by getting what they came for is important when measuring your success. One of the most things that will attract attendees to your live or corporate event are networking opportunities. 

The opportunity to network is ranked as the most important consideration to event attendees, followed by learning, entertainment and self-improvement. Providing your audience plenty of opportunities to network and experienced a deep level of learning is critical to boost your event attendance. With the event technology available, there is something to integrate with every type of event and adjust to your audience needs.

Consulting with an experienced event production company will help you to understand all of the event technology available and how to align the right technology to meet your event objectives and attendance goals.  Consider the following event technology suggestions to boost your attendance and audience engagement.

Event Networking Platform

As networking is the number one goal of event attendees, creating a networking community will significantly improve your audience experience. A custom event app which allows audience members to learn more about the event speakers and other attendees significantly improves engagement with your event. When attendees can message one another, share pictures and messages on social media feed and even book appointments with one another they are continually engaged and leave feeling much more satisfied about attending your event.

Event Gamification

Event gamification is the concept of including various technologies that meet your audience needs and support your event objectives.  Trivia games, live Q&A sessions and many other fun and interesting activities boost your attendance and audience satisfaction. Remember to develop gamification activities that fit with your audience demographics and support your goals rather than distract from them.

Custom Event Apps

Event technology available today allows for easier development of custom event apps, making them very popular for many live and corporate event productions. A custom event app developer can help you in choosing the right platform and elements to include which will support your overall event objectives. Event apps contain features which allow audience members to easily communicate with one another, keep tabs on your agenda and learn more about your speakers and presentations. Event apps are also a great way to allow for follow-up post event and maintaining engagement with your audience.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are becoming more popular in event productions and provide interesting and memorable experiences for your audience. Make sure you work with an experienced VR and AR developer to achieve quality results that will boost your audience attendance and maintain engagement.

Production Plus is a leading event production company, with decades of experience and knowledge of the latest in event technology solutions.  We offer custom app development, virtual and augmented reality experiences, high-tech audiovisual services and complete event production solutions. Contact us to learn how to incorporate the latest event technology to boost attendance and engagement.