What is Event Gamification?

event gamificationEvent gamification is a lot more than downloading an app to include in your event. To really improve the quality of your live or corporate event, event gamification comes in many forms to address the motivations and emotions of your audience. People like to collect things, complete things and compete. By taking the mechanics of a game, such as point systems, narratives or challenges, and applying them to real workplace applications, gamification can transform your event by engaging and delighting your audience.

To add the gamification factor to your event, remember to focus on the psychology that drives behaviors and outcomes, rather than the technology. Attendee engagement is driven by human oriented experiences with event app technology serving merely as the tool. Custom event apps do provide a way to measure and record desired behavior.

It is important to set goals to determine a successful gamification tactic and provide the right incentives to improve engagement.  Event gamification, when implemented correctly, will provide the following benefits:

  • Provide a high-quality event experience
  • Facilitate easier communication
  • Increase audience engagement
  • Promote self-confidence of attendees
  • Bring all attendees together with a sense of a common purpose
  • Provide a collaborative and trusting environment
  • Create a positive and relaxed atmosphere

Work with an experienced event production company to create positive event gamification solutions to realize these benefits and many others.

Production Plus Offers Event Gamification Solutions

Production Plus is a leading event production company, offering complete event services for your one-stop event solutions partner. We provide creative and innovative live event solutions to some of the largest companies in the world, designed to improve audience engagement. We live for tech and love to tell your story, partnering with you from the beginning to ensure flawless execution of highly successful events.  Production Plus provides audiovisual, scenic construction, exhibit fabrication, exhibition design, event rental equipment and post event services.

Production Plus provides custom app development services, including virtual and augmented reality, as well as gamification solutions to enhance any event. We employ the most talented artists, engineers and event specialists available.  Contact us to learn how to include event gamification solutions for maximum attendee engagement.

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