Ice Breaker: Incorporating Games into Your Live Event

ice breakers for eventsIf you want your live event to stand out and leave a lasting impression, you need to provide an interactive and engaging experience for all attendees.  People come to your event because they are interested in what you have to offer, either your message, product or service, but also to network with other people and have an enjoyable experience. There is no age limit on having fun and sometimes all it takes is a little fun and incorporating games into your live event to break the ice so you can better connect with your audience and they can better engage and network with each other.

There are literally dozens of fun games and activities that engage your audience, build camaraderie and promote teamwork besides the trusty old trust fall.  Experienced event production companies know how to design your live event for maximum engagement while combining tried and true teambuilding activities with modern technology.  The key is incorporating the right games and activities for your audience that adds to your message while promoting personal connections and networking opportunities.

Design Your Live Event for Maximum Engagement by Incorporating Games into Your Live Event

If you’re thinking about adding some games to your live event to loosen up your audience and provide a more enjoyable experience, there are a number of ways to connect with attendees in addition to listening to a speaker droning on and on. Here are a few ideas to consider rather than providing only a formal presentation:

  • Photo booths – in the age of the selfie, people everywhere love to snap a photo to share on social media and “check in” to their current location. Providing an interactive photo booth makes it easy for attendees to share photos, GIFs and videos straight to their social media accounts. Since most people are always smiling in photos, this is a good way to keep your audience upbeat and also share your event on countless social media avenues.
  • Contests – most people love a little friendly competition which can really liven up your event in no time. Consider offering a quiz style trivia game, a friendly test your knowledge contest or even a scavenger hunt for some hands-on fun. You can even combine this with an event app to provide a real-time leaderboard, results and announcements of winners. Provide games that focus on your event theme and be sure to have a prize to go along with your contest winners.
  • Virtual and augmented reality games – both the virtual and augmented reality games are becoming more popular across all types of events. This technology can bring together a large group for endless fun limited only by your imagination.

You can find additional corporate teambuilding ideas from the marketing leader, Hubspot.  Consult with an experienced event production company to pull it all together and incorporate fun, yet meaningful games into your next event. 

Production Plus Offers Creative Live Event Solutions

Production Plus offers interactive, creative solutions for corporate and live events which engage your entire audience while staying focused on your theme.  For example, while producing the National Geographic Nat Geo Further Basecamp event in Austin Texas, we constructed a “Genius” chalkboard that would sketch out a portrait of users tweeting selfies and head shots.  This promoted one very important talking point of innovation while giving attendees a fun, hands-on, engaging experience.

Production Plus offers more than 40 years of experience combined with the most talented artists, sculptors and engineers available. We are your event solutions partner from start to finish offering digital event rendering, meticulous planning, all logistics and event services. Contact us to learn how to incorporate fun, interactive and engaging games into your next live event.

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