How To Plan For A Custom App For An Event

Custom app development has become increasingly popular and prevalent in meeting total event solutions for many corporate or live event productions. Companies want their audiences to be able to connect and interact with their event promotions, ideas and brand. Developing apps which engage your audience and reinforce your message is more important than ever in providing solutions to tech savvy customers, employees and audiences.

App Development Planning

Developing apps requires proper planning to achieve the app that delivers your most important message and user friendly functions aligned with your audience. Apps should provide the user experience desired such as improved productivity, customer relations or streamlined business operations. Part of your app development planning process should include initial brainstorming to identify the strategy required in developing your app with awareness of what will be expected from your audience.

Production Plus Offers Custom and Augmented Reality App Development

Just as with all our event planning services, we follow a detailed process to develop the custom app that meets all objectives. We help you to define the strategy whether your app should complement an event production or stand on its own to connect with mobile app users. Our app development process follows the same logic as all our event planning services: Define, Design, Delivery and Deploy.

Define Your App Development Strategy

Before designing the bells and whistles that go with your app, it is worthwhile to consider the following questions which will help to define your app requirements:

  • What purpose should your app service?
  • What functions would you like it to perform?
  • How would your mobile app add to event productions?
  • Will your app continue to engage your audience after completion of the event?
  • How can you develop your app to enhance your brand awareness?
  • Do you have gaps in communication or event experiences the app could fill?

Design Your App Functionality

Once your strategy has been defined with your most important objectives and user experiences, it is time to design the functionality. Knowing what your audience expects is important when designing app features and functions. Apps are dynamic in that you can always build upon them and add to the functions, which is sometimes best over cramming too much into it at once and jeopardizing the user experience.

Deliver a Seamless Event Experience

Production Plus delivers a fully functional custom app designed with functionality that meets your objectives in a seamless user experience. We develop apps which improve event attendance, audience engagement, communications, delivery of important documents and facilitate networking. The properly designed custom app will complement any event production including corporate and live events and continue to engage your audience long after the event is over.

Deploy Your Completed Functional App

Production Plus will deploy your complete, fully functional app in the app stores for iPhone or Google play store. We work with you to evaluate app performance after your app goes live and make any alterations for improvement. Sometimes unexpected challenges become aware only after deployment. When we develop your mobile apps, we partner with you from start to finish and beyond to ensure a seamless integration which meets and exceeds all your objectives for optimum user experiences.

Production Plus offers professional custom app development services which meet your objectives including improved event attendance and audience engagement. We also provide virtual reality, augmented reality and gamification app development services for mobile, iOS, Android or Windows platforms. Contact us today to learn how we can improve your user experiences with professional custom app development.

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