Event Gamification: Tips for Success

gamification appsEvent gamification is a great way to improve attendee engagement and provide many benefits for a successful live or corporate event. How successful you are with engaging your attendees and providing a deep learning experience determines the success of your event in terms of reaching your goals and realizing maximum return on investment. We’ve discussed the ways to include interactive games, to bring together your audience and the benefits this provides.

Here are a few tips to follow for smooth implementation of event gamification that aligns with your overall event goals and strategy:

1)  Consider your audience before defining your gamifying strategy

You must always consider the demographics of your audience such as the age group, mindset and familiarity with technology before defining your event gamification strategy. Event planners should analyze the planned activities and be sure that they will engage your audience and elicit the participation desired. 

2) Plan your gamification strategy on overall event objectives

Before considering the games to include in your event, you should have already defined your overall event objectives. Make sure that the games and activities are planned around your objectives and will ultimately improve your attendee experience. Be sure that the gamification technology is also chosen around your objectives.

3)  Choose the right gamification technology

There are a lot of opportunities available to event planners today with technology available that can be adjusted towards various demographics. Consider gamification technology such as a live question and answer sessions, live polling, leaderboard and scoring, live announcements of winners and prizes.  Make sure your event apps are user-friendly and make it easy for your audience to understand and participate.

4)  Be careful not to go overboard

Be sure to consider all of the tips above; your audience, your event objectives and the technology chosen to not go overboard with games that are too complex and difficult to track. Remember your basic goals and objectives and keep it simple by focusing on the most important elements of gamification which is engagement, point systems and rewards.

5)  Focus on audience engagement

Remember the goal of audience engagement and make sure that your gamification activities enhance engagement rather than serve as a distraction. You want your activities to contribute to your message and presentation, rather than take away from other activities or exhibitions.

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