Don’t Let Wi-Fi Issues Sabotage Your Event!

wifi issues at eventsWi-Fi is everywhere, woven into the fabric of our everyday lives and attending events is no different.  People want Wi-Fi wherever they go, especially when attending events that will last hours or the entire day.  One of the first things that people do is to log into the Event Wi-Fi network as soon as they arrive.

Checking emails is the number one reason most people log into Wi-Fi networks at events, followed by using the interactive event app as a close second.  Event planners who utilize an event app give valuable, real time audience interaction which is beneficial to both the event producer and the attendee, although comes with several risks that must be planned for.  Planning for Wi-Fi security issues is just as important as planning for adequate capacity and usage.

Watch Out for Rogue Wi-Fi Networks

It’s not just something out of a sci-fi spy movie, rogue wireless networks exist just as sure as hackers will keep hacking.  Pay attention to your event Wi-Fi security to prevent serious data breaches of your attendees.  The last thing you want from a PR and branding standpoint is for your entire audience to have jeopardized personal or financial information during a data breach.

Clever developers of rogue networks make theirs appear to be legit, with network names similar to a hotel or venue which seems to be authentic.  Attendees could quickly connect without realizing it’s not legitimate, giving away private information without knowing it.  Not too long ago, Russian hackers were caught setting up rogue Wi-Fi networks by parking in a van across the street from hotels with their high-tech, hacking equipment to collect data from unsuspecting guests.

Protecting your guests identity and preventing it from falling into the hands of criminals is an important part of evaluating any event Wi-Fi service.

Closely Monitor the Security of Your Event App

Using a live event app is convenient for both the audience and the event planner, but making sure all of your guests can use the app at the same time might require some powerful Wi-Fi service.  Make sure the venue provides adequate connectivity as well as in-app security features which should be just as important.  Low-cost event apps may be lacking in security, be sure to talk with an experienced event app developer about keeping your event app safe and secure.

Production Plus Offers Custom Event App Development

Production Plus offers custom event app development as part of our total turnkey event services.  Our app development team lives for tech, providing custom event apps designed for the ultimate user experience and security.  We offer augmented reality (AR) app development as well as virtual reality (VR) apps to fit your theme and message.

Production Plus, based in Chicago,  combines 40 years of experience with the latest in technological advancements to provide the ultimate attendee experience.  We employ the most highly skilled artists, designers, engineers, AV techs, event planners and app developers available.  Contact us to learn more about upping your event tech game with safe and secure Wi-Fi connectivity.