Benefits of Adding Event Gamification to Your Event

gamification apps for events

Adding gamification to your event provides many benefits which improve the entire event experience for attendees and overall event ROI.  The use of event apps has increased in popularity as the technology in creating custom apps is becoming more accessible.   Event apps which integrate gamification into events  form a collaborative community where attendees enjoy increased networking opportunities, experience a deeper learning experience and earn recognition.

Event planners enjoy many benefits with a more engaged audience, a fun experience for all and an increased social media presence, all contributing to a more successful event.  Talk to an experienced event production company to learn successful event gamification ideas and realize the following benefits:

1)  Increased audience engagement and networking

Event gamification enhances audience engagement by bringing attendees together through games, polls, quizzes and recognition.  One of the main reasons people come to events is to network, yet they may find it difficult to break the ice and know how to approach other attendees.  When people work together to solve problems, riddles, scavenger hunts or trivia games, it provides a great way to meet new people and form new business relationships. 

2)  Gamification facilitates a deeper learning experience

Incorporating gamification into your presentation makes for a more connected and engaging learning experience, which is more memorable to attendees.  Rather than rattle off the most important points you want your audience to remember from a speaker on a stage, create an active learning environment by including attendees in polls and provide awards based on how many or how well they answer. 

Trivia style games are another great way to make learning fun for attendees.  Event apps which provide fun trivia games or fill-in-the-blank types of questions based on the presentation provide incentive for your audience to pay attention to participate and win badges or prizes. Recognizing winners gives audience members a moment of fame and facilitates their networking opportunities as well.

3) Increased social media presence

One way to increase your social media presence is to promote your event on social media and provide #hashtags relevant to your message.  Encourage attendees to post on social media from your event by providing a photo back drop or games which measure social media activity.  For example, every time your likes, comments or impressions increase you raise your counter a little bit higher and the one to make it reach your pre-determined goal wins a prize.

4)  Increased Event ROI

Event ROI is important to the event organizer who wants to measure the success of the event and overall return on investment.  Gamification is a great way to measure the success of your event by counting the number of downloads, participants, social media shares, etc.. 

CVENT offers additional examples of how gamification will boost your attendee engagement and participation. Adding gamification will increase your event ROI in many measurable ways with increased attendance, engagement, providing a deeper learning experience for your guests while increasing your social media presence.

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