How to Create a Winning AR Experience

augmented-reality-appAugmented reality, AR, technology has been providing consumers with “virtual try-on” experiences for a wide variety of products since the early 2010s.  During this past decade, AR has revolutionized the way consumers interact with products, combining them with real-world, real-time experiences to change the buying process forever. Companies around the world are seizing the opportunity to create a winning AR experience with custom augmented reality apps.

Corporations realize numerous benefits when utilizing AR technology for product launches, corporate meetings and live events. When attendees can virtually “try-on” everything from new makeup, clothing, hairstyles and even furniture to automobiles or homes, the possibilities are endless.  AR app developers can help you design a winning AR experience that appeals to customers and enhances your business.

Augmented Reality App Development That Creates a Full AR Experience

Production Plus simplifies the AR app development process by working closely with you to transform your rough concepts into final custom app solutions. We brainstorm ideas to enhance your business and brand awareness, exploring the market to meet and exceed your objectives. Our skilled and experienced app developers live for tech and help determine the best platform and software tools to meet your business goals and your budget. 

Augmented reality technology requires the presence of 3-D objects, we work with you to download existing models or help to create necessary constructions. A 2-D tracker is a specific picture which can be placed on the surface and scanned by AR aided devices. We assist clients with all unique design requirements, 3-D models, images, data and text files and pull them all together for a winning AR experience.

We help clients to define, design, deliver and deploy custom AR apps for Android, iOS and Microsoft HoloLens for immersive augmented reality experiences. We evaluate the necessary AR tools, features and benefits to determine the best platform.

Production Plus provides meticulous planning, decades of experience, creative and high-tech app development solutions. We are your one-stop for all event production needs, providing comprehensive event services for some of the largest companies in the world. Contact us to learn how to captivate and engage your audience with a winning AR experience.

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