Augmented Reality for Corporate Events?

Augmented reality app developmentAugmented reality, also known as AR, is more popular than what you may realize and definitely has a place in marketing. AR provides value to many corporations improving recognition, branding and market share. So how can you incorporate augmented reality  for corporate events?  Well, let’s first understand exactly what AR is and then it is easy to see how AR can help your company and add something fun, interesting and exciting to your corporate event.

Augmented reality does not replace our view of the real world, but rather adds an additional layer to what we see as reality. This differs from virtual reality, VR, which immerses you in a totally different environment. With augmented reality, you can still see the environment around you in the real world along with new information and artificial objects. AR enabled devices and apps recognize an object, an image or a symbol and add relevant content to it providing a layer of visualizations. 

AR is used for a number of various applications from something recreational like seeing exactly what a new tattoo would look like on your particular body part to aiding complex surgical procedures.  AR allows the user to try out products in their own home environment, such as visualizing what that new couch will look like in their living room, before actually making a purchase.  IKEA is already using the technology to help consumers see how furniture will look and fit inside their home.

AR and Live Exhibits

Augmented reality definitely has a place in retail, e-commerce and is a useful tool to influence potential clients at live exhibits. AR reinvents the entire customer experience, allowing consumers to get attached to products and brands in an instant.  There is something exciting and memorable about a real visualization of seeing products you like or want to know more about combined into your own actual environment. 

AR is also a great tool and widely used for educational purposes such as teaching students in biology, geography and engineering and even specialized training such as in aviation.  We will see opportunities for using AR and VR continue to grow as more corporations realize the benefits of appealing to consumers and their audience.

According to magazine, VR and AR will experience significant growth in the coming years, providing many benefits to event planners and attendees.

Augmented Reality Apps at Corporate Events

Augmented reality apps can really boost the engagement of your audience at corporate events. Offering your attendees the opportunity to participate in an AR experience could very well be the highlight of your event, with long lines behind the AR exhibit instead of a food line.  Give your audience what they’re looking for with AR product demos and they will connect with and remember your brand long after your event is over.

Production Plus Offers Augmented Reality App Development

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